We provide precise data for tires and rims.

Your partner for research and provision of tire and rim data for offline & online industry and tire trade.

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The Focus is on Precise Product Data

We provide precise data for tires and rims.

We offer comprehensive Tire and Rim data and marketing information for diversified markets in Europe. Our focus is to create a global article database that provides our customers with the optimum conditions for international Tire Trading.


The company keeps their product data up-to-date for various European markets as requested by customers. They work closely with tire manufacturers to ensure high data accuracy. Fast data provision intervals, which can be as frequent as daily or via API, allow customers to respond quickly to market changes such as price amendments or product range expansions.


The MKT-CAT is a new standard for the tire trade that enables the transmission of marketing information related to tires. It includes article information, product descriptions, product specifications, additional graphics, media content, technology label, test reports, and profile pictures. The tire trade industry, including leading tire manufacturers, companies, and suppliers, uses this standard for both B2C and B2B customers.

Our Services

Modern merchandise management systems, online shops, and catalogue systems need information to be provided quickly. LipKo plans to provide all recorded product data and marketing information in real-time via APIs from the 2nd quarter of 2023, in order to keep up with this demand.


Our clients include retailers, tire wholesalers, chain stores, purchasing associations, online portals, dealer organizations, tire and car manufacturers, software developers of tire merchandise management systems, and suppliers of catalogue systems for car parts.

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